Bloomtubes love to hold the things you love…
Bloomtubes love to hold the things you love…


Bloomtube Balance

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Our latest offering, “Bloomtubes Balance” pairs a Big Bloomtube and a Baby Bloomtube on a Simple Stand to hold all your favorite blooms.







Big Bloomtube

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Our Bestseller! “Big” Bloomtube does it all.  Measuring 6″x 1″ it is the ideal stocking stuffer and comes in a sustainable, shippable tube for easy gift giving!






Big Bloomtube Bundle

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A two pack of the Big Bloomtubes – durable and perfect for holding larger items like your favorite paintbrushes, eclectic floral arrangements, or makeup tools!


Bouquet Bundle

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The ideal starter kit. A Bloomtubes four-pack of assorted sizes, ideal for mixing and matching a variety of small, medium and large flowers or other items. We’ve added a bonus eyedropper to help you fill the cutest tube of them all, the Bitsy.




Herb Garden Bundle

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A four-pack of Big Bloomtubes perfect for holding bushels of fine herbs. From parsley to basil and rosemary, it’s a modern day urban garden without all the fuss.


Spice Rack Bundle

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For the food lover and kitchen enthusiast. A six-pack of Big Bloomtubes complete with accompanying cork stoppers, perfect for showcasing your spice collection in a classy and sassy way.