start small

Start small.

That is my new mantra for the year.

Each year I seem to trot out the same rusty old resolutions and they always revolve around what I am going to cut out. I am weary of deprivation. I am tired of poverty consciousness. In 2014 I am cutting out resolutions.

Start small. I can handle this. As I took the photographs for today’s blog I found myself wondering if I could keep this single blade of grass alive. One small blade with its tiny roots in some dirt. Seems pretty simple compared to the running of an entire human organism. Still, I am daunted by the prospect of keeping this little guy going.

I am humbled by everything about growth that I do not understand. Maybe I am not the best judge of what I do and don’t need to eat, do, buy, believe and build. It all gets a bit much in my head…and right quick. So, every day this year, and each moment today, I am going to start small.  When I told my daughter my mantra she added her own to it, “Start small, go big!”  Well, ya never know…