Yearly Archives: 2013

Micro Bouquets

Our favorite past time here at Bloomtubes is making micro bouquets.   We have used everything from feathers to ferns and beads to berries.  Micro bouquets are wonderful for the florist who has broken or leftover stems and the gardener who has some lovely blooms from a recent pruning. With a simple bunch of fresh […]

Weaving flowers everywhere

Weaving flowers into your daily life in unexpected ways lifts your spirits and beautifies your environment. Here we have used a jewelry stand and one bloomtube in each size: bitsy, baby, basic, and big to create a delightful micro garden experience.  Bitsy holds two blooms from a stem of Larkspur also known as Delphinium.  Baby holds […]

Micro Gardening

Micro Gardening Live in an apartment? Don’t have the space for a herb garden? Maybe you are a micro gardener. Micro Gardening is a movement  dedicated to gardening in small spaces using inventive containers. Bloomtubes joins the movement with its solution for growing herbs. Grow a micro garden right on your fridge.  It is possible […]